People Tools

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Lately I’ve been focusing more on observing more than expounding, breathing in more than breathing out. It’s all a cycle.

My uncle Alan has a similar cycle, though offset from my own. An entrepreneur before it was cool, Alan’s been running a very successful real estate company for decades. In an industry that is all about people, he’s thrived by understanding what people really want (despite what they say or even think) and using these tools to build a booming business and organization.

After decades of sharing fragments of these tools with his investors, tucked inside the company’s quarterly updates, Alan has compiled, written, refined, edited, added, edited again, and finished a book of 54 of these ‘People Tools’ and today, with a huge exhalation, it’s available at Amazon.

In a time where the bookshelves are filled with technological how-to guides from Dummies to O'Reilly, this book plays a more important role, teaching how to interface better with people and how to be better at the human side of whatever you do for work or at play.

Much more autobiographical than a 'self-help’ book, it’s a conversational anthology of stories-as-lessons that’s far more relevant to the human condition than the latest high-profile autobiography (sorry Gates).

In short, you should read it. I’ve been lucky enough to know and learn from Uncle Alan my whole life. I’m thrilled that this book gives other people a chance to learn some of what I have.


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